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Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin and has by far the most vehicle sales in the State. Most people have purchased a vehicle and went home to enjoy it for months if not years to come never imagining needing to call a lemon law lawyer in Milwaukee. lemon law lawyers Milwaukee Wisconsin  Some people were not as lucky and purchased vehicles that have turned into the stories that nightmares are made from.

If you think your car is a lemon it may be a good time to call a lemon law lawyers in Wisconsin who can speak to the dealership in Milwaukee Wisconsin on your behalf. lemon law attorneys Milwaukee WI
Lemon laws in Wisconsin are designed to protect the consumer. So why are you here?  Milwaukee lemon law lawyer Most likely it is because you feel a dealership or manufacturer of your vehicle is ignoring your concerns and your consumer protections laws like the lemon law. First lets go through some of the basics and make sure you have done all the basics.

This will help the lawyers dealing with your lemon law case in  Milwaukee lemon law attorney  First, have you brought the concern to your dealership 4 times. We know it seems like a lot, but if you have had the same problem with you vehicle 4 times, even the law takes notice.
Wisconsin lemon law lawyers Another major contributing would be if your vehicle has had a major issue that has put it in service repair status for more then 30 days in your first year of ownership. Thirdly, was there a serious defect that you presented in your first year that has continued to persist.
A lot of other factors can go into lemon law, and the car manufacturers and dealerships are not always cooperative. lemon law lawyers Wisconsin Many people will contact our lemon law lawyers in Milwaukee to get a better understanding of if they have a case.
lemon law lawyers Racine Wisconsin

Laws are constantly changing and it is important to contact one of our attorneys for the most up to the minute information on lemon laws in Wisconsin and how they pertain to vehicles purchased in Milwaukee. However as a guide here are a few bullet points to refer to.
  • Has the dealer attempted to fix the defect in four or more attempts; or
  • Has your new vehicle suffered one or more serious defects covered under the warranty and was out of service for 30 or more days during your first year of ownership; or
  • Has your new vehicle suffered a serious problem covered by the warranty which was presented to the dealership for repair within the first year of ownership and the problem continues.
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